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Mark Casella

Mark is the President and Founder of Coppertree. He has been nationally recognized as an expert in helping families to create powerful legacies and to think strategically about how they want their family resources to support their pursuits of what matters most. Using Coppertree’s proprietary Success Mapping Process ©, Mark helps families to define how they want their wealth (assets + values + wisdom) to impact their family and our world.

As a second generation co-owner of a privately held family enterprise, Mark is uniquely positioned to aid families in addressing the particular challenges of multi-generational enterprise management and family legacy planning. Using his expertise in Organization Development and Finance, Mark helps families understand and employ all forms of their capital, including their time, knowledge, experiences, connections, and economic resources, all in pursuit of their goals for the present and future.

Mark and his wife, Mary, are actively building their lasting legacy, as they spend time with their four daughters, their spouses, and grandchildren.  

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