Mark Casella

While talking to Mark Casella as he was forming the idea of Coppertree in 2004, Jenny was intrigued with his unique proposition of helping families define and measure their success in terms of what was important to the family, rather than the terms of their accumulated wealth. Although she questioned the wisdom of quitting his job after completing grad school, she decided to join the Coppertree team.

Jenny's education in Psychology (BS) and Counseling (MS) provides a framework for Coppertree's clients to understand how their family dynamic impacts relationships within and beyond the family. Jenny furthered her training by completing a three year rotation at the Bowen Center for the Study of the Family where she learned about family systems. Much of Jenny's work in Coppertree's clients concentrates on helping families improve their communication and conflict resolution skills.


Jenny is a frequent speaker at family business conferences and university programs nationwide on the topics of the Family Systems Theory and The Impact of Effective Family Communications. In her spare time Jenny and her husband enjoy traveling, especially to visit their children and their families.

Jenny Luken
Susan Odell

Susan has learned the value of relationships, communications, and family governance through her own experience as a third generation family business member.

Susan was inspired to join the Coppertree team after experiencing many of the positive benefits the Coppertree process brought to their family business. (They now have almost two dozen active family members across three generations working in harmony across their family business!)

Susan realized there was something missing in the Coppertree lineup and that she was the perfect person to fill the role. She works directly with third+ generation family members to help them realize their role and the importance of their role in the family business.


Susan also leads our Generation Preparation (GenPrep) workshops and serves as a peer-to-peer mentor for younger generations.

She wants to help other younger family members understand that being a part of a successful family business is a rewarding opportunity but being a part of a successful family is priceless.

Mark turned in his Wall Street business suit (after 25 successful years) to pursue his real passion of working with families who want to carry on their legacy for generations.

Mark, a second-generation family business owner himself, saw his own family struggling to balance the demands of being a family AND being a family who shares a valuable asset, in this case, a very successful manufacturing business. Mark continues to gain valuable insight, perspectives, and wisdom from his involvement in his family's business and through his role as a trusted advisor to many of today's top family enterprises. 


Mark's appreciation of the unity and peace that comes from aligning the family's needs with the business's mission has earned him recognition from such leading organization as Family Office Exchange and Private Wealth Magazine as a leading Family Legacy Advisor to Enterprise Owning Families.

Mark, the Coppertree team, and its partners are committed to endlessly creating and improving tools and processes that are proven to unite family enterprises no matter the size of their assets. 

When Mark isn't helping families build unbreakable bonds and create lasting legacies, you'll find him helping non-profits create theirs. Mark continues to find new ways of bringing people together in support of worthy causes that make real differences in our world. Additionally, Mark and his wife, Mary, are actively building their lasting legacy, as they spend time with their four daughters, their spouses, and grandchildren.  

PHONE: 513-579-3531