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Create Your Family Mission & Explore Your Legacy of Five
Living A Legacy That Lasts – Chapter 3

Begin to explore your family mission and your legacy of five. Why is the legacy of five important? What impact does it have on you today? What role will it play in your future? Discover these answers and more in this free sample chapter and begin building your own lasting legacy right now. Download now.

Discover The Genogram – A Powerful Connection Tool
Living A Legacy That Lasts – Chapter 2

A genogram helps us look for clues to the values, beliefs, and behaviors that have formed a family. 
Once completed, the genogram is a powerful depiction of a family’s life story that typically leads to many ah-ho moments. Learn more.

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Is There A 4th Dimensions?  –YES!–  The Family Dimension. 
Living A Legacy That Lasts – Chapter 5

Change is natural. Families can be better prepared for managing the process of change by knowing how the family dynamic can be used as a positive force to meet challenges head on, empowering the family to make good, shared, purpose-driven decisions. Explore more.

Can You Make The Impossible Possible? Not Without Vision.
Living A Legacy That Lasts – Chapter 4

Taking the time to articulate what you want in life is critical to successfully living a legacy that lasts. Knowing where you want to go, what you want to do, and what this means to you makes it much easier to decide how you will use your resources to achieve what matters most to you. What is your vision? Where will your journey take you? Begin here

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