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family leader of a forbes 400 family

This is the dramatic change that happens when you help family enterprise leaders define and measure their success in terms of what's important to the family rather than their accumulated wealth.

At Coppertree, we're committed to one thing – helping families build unbreakable bonds and create lasting legacies.

We're endlessly creating and improving tools and processes that are proven to unite family enterprises no matter the size of their assets or the number of family members managing those assets. It's about more than succession planning or asset management, it's about building family enterprises that are Seven Generations Strong™.

Our combination of business leadership, organizational development, real-world experience, psychological understanding, and counseling skills is unmatched. It is this combination that enables us to help family enterprise leaders think strategically about where they are going with their lives – both individually and as a family.

This kind of unity makes decisions like key people management, leadership development, and succession practices simple and clear. It's the only proven way to turn your family business into a lasting legacy.

Rome wasn't built in a day. Your success didn't happen overnight. Your legacy won't extend beyond one generation unless you built it – brick by brick – to last. 


No two families are the same. No two businesses are the same. No two Coppertree engagements are the same. There are, however, a collection of core services most all our clients leverage. 

Seven Generations Strong™ Legacy Planning

No matter where your legacy journey begins, this is your ultimate destination. We strive to help all our families achieve this level of success. When you're Seven Generations Strong you're:

     - enjoying open, honest, and direct communications (no off limits topics)

     - leading regular family meetings to discuss important issues and make
       critical/success-defining decisions

     - thinking strategically about where you're going with your life, both
       individually and as a valued family member

     - making tough decisions with ease

     - leveraging better communication skills to build tighter bonds

     - benefiting from regular check-ins with our team to keep you performing at
       the highest possible levels


My Future Family™ Strategic Planning

Most business leaders have a strategic plan for their business. Few have a strategic plan for their family. Creating a family strategy brings clarity to your thinking and actions while also helping you understand how your family needs align with the needs of your family enterprise. It's impossible to achieve balance between your 'two great loves' if you can't see how they relate. My Future Family Strategic Planning makes your family's needs clear so you can easily align your family's needs with your business's mission and lead both more effectively going forward.  


"Only 30% of family businesses last into the second generation; 12% are viable into the third." Harvard Business Review 


No wonder GenPrep is in such high demand! It's the only program created and led by 2nd and 3rd generation family enterprise leaders for next generation leaders.   


Future and current leaders learn critical communication skills plus the value of relationships and family governance communication. Each next gen family member gains a better understanding of their role and the importance of their role in the family enterprise. Peer-to-peer mentoring is also provided.


The mission of all GenPrep work is to help next gen family members understand that being part of a successful family business is a rewarding opportunity but being part of a successful family is priceless.

Out of the Storm™ Crisis Resolution

It's hard to make any meaningful progress when your family is in the middle of a firestorm. This is, unfortunately, where we meet many of our families however. If your family is struggling, we can help. Our blend of skills and our deep desire to create harmony makes us exceptional when it comes to moving families from chaos and turmoil to unity and peace. If your family is struggling, please connect with us right away. 

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