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A New Vision for the Dawson Family – Part Two

'A Vision of Fulfillment'

The Dawsons’ attorney introduced them to Coppertree to go through the success mapping process. The process showed the Dawsons how their wealth could be used to pursue what mattered most to them. The Dawsons also gained clarity on what they wanted for their boys. The money itself became less of a worry. Now their focus was more about helping their sons follow their dreams.

The success mapping process also gave them the tools to educate their sons to be stewards of the family’s wealth. The Dawsons realized their assets were large enough to be a resource for current generations of their family. The Dawson boys and future generations of the family, however, would be expected to contribute to the growth of the family’s wealth in support of an ever-growing number of family members.

In the end, the Dawsons changed their minds about giving all their money to charity and chose to make most of it available to the family. Their sons would receive distributions as they reached certain milestones. The Dawsons also created a family foundation that they as a family would direct, making grants that would reflect the family’s values.

The Dawsons were now focused on the journey they lived each day. They were relieved once they had a vision for their future and a plan to pursue what they wanted for themselves and their sons. They now think about the boys’ future in a positive way, rather than worrying about how the money might destroy them.

Through the success mapping process Kevin and Christy learned their sons were interested in working with mentally disabled children, -- their cousin Wendy was diagnosed with autism shortly after birth. They became very close with their cousin and went to summer camp with her each year. The Dawson boys loved seeing how all of the kids enjoyed their time at camp.

In the ensuing year, as Kevin and Christy encouraged the boys to dream about things they wanted to do, they both talked about wanting to start their own camp for children with special needs. The whole family went to work on this dream immediately. Camp Wendy is now up and running and making a big difference in the lives of many families who have children with special needs.


What This Means For You...

Our Success Mapping Process™ gives you the ability to fully articulate your vision of what a well-lived life means to you. Simply put, it will help you determine where you want to go with your life.

The goals and aspirations you identify through Success Mapping give you clarity on your direction. Ask yourself these questions:

What do I want for myself, my family, my work, my community in terms of:

  • Enjoyment and happiness?

  • Accomplishments?

  • Making a difference?

  • Values, beliefs and legacy?

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