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The Smart Planning Process™ defines the Family’s unique journey and articulates what their version of what a well lived life looks like. The Continuity plan lays out the steps the Family can take to achieve their goals. These are actionable and measurable. In many cases Coppertree will assist the Family in forming a representative way to make decisions moving forward. This form of family governance guides each member to gain an understanding of the Family’s goal to move forward while making the tough decisions together.

Family Governance

At Coppertree we envision the family governance structure to be an integral component in perpetuating the Family Legacy. Without such a plan, a multi-generational legacy is less likely to exist. The most common benefits for Families who establish a form of governance:

  • Proactively addressing the issues that cause two of three wealthy Families from surviving intact through the third generation.
  • Individual Family Members pursuing their vision of happiness and fulfillment.
  • Fostering an atmosphere of trust within the Family.
  • Developing open communication within the Family.
  • Establishing a shared sense of purpose.
  • The Family flourishing through thoughtfully developed multi-generational leadership transitions.

Although each Family is unique in the structure of its governance, the implementation frequently includes guidelines that articulate:

  • How the shared history and values are communicated, preserved and enhanced.
  • How the Family will choose leaders.
  • How often the Family will meet.
  • How the Family interacts with the enterprise’s board of directors.
  • How the Family’s assets transition through generations.
  • How to be a part of the Family enterprise.
  • How new Family Members are incorporated into the Family decision making process.
  • Education for the next generation of family members and decision makers.
  • How the Family chooses to make an impact on the community through charitable donations.

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